Showers move into the Midwest and Plains

The majority of the U.S. will continue to enjoy clear, sunny skies that will be seen across much of the Northern States. A few showers could move into the Midwest and Central Plains with more chilly air moving south of the Canadian border into Minneapolis where a few isolated showers may be seen. In the west, another day of sunny skies and sunshine will do little to aid the firefighting efforts still taking place close to the West Coast and further inland.

Temperatures are falling a little in the east with a few showers expected in the Northeast and a few storms pushing into the state of Florida.

The main area of showers and possible pop-up storms will make its way through the Midwest and into the Central Plains.
The Weather Channel forecasts the cool air that has been moving south from Canada will continue to affect the Midwest where Minneapolis will fail to rise above the mid-40s as an afternoon high.
The risk of showers could push as far north as Minneapolis and continue to move south through Iowa and Wisconsin before arriving in Missouri. The chances of showers with a few sunny spells will be high in St. Louis with a warm afternoon temperature of 63 expected.

The Ohio River Valley should remain dry with afternoon temperatures climbing to the upper-60s with a few showers expected in the Northeast.
A few showers will be seen along the Canadian border with the Northeast, but these will be isolated and not spread further south. Boston should enjoy a sunny day with a few clouds with a top temperature rising to 65.
Similar conditions will move through the Mid-Atlantic with sunny skies expected along the East Coast where Norfolk, Virginia will hit a temperature of 68. The Southeast will see clear skies with temperatures climbing into the 70s as Fall takes hold of the region and Atlanta enjoys a warm day with a high of 71.

Moving further to the west, the temperatures will begin to climb as the band of warm air over the region will continue to climb from Texas to the West Coast.
In Texas, there will be little risk of unsettled weather with clear skies and a temperature of 87 forecasts for the city of San Antonio. Over the course of the weekend, the West Coast will continue to be hit by sunny skies and hot temperatures extending from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest.
The spread of wildfires into Oregon and Washington will continue to be an issue with Medford, Oregon hitting a high temperature of 88.
The unseasonably warm and dry conditions along the West Coast will make their way through California where Fresno will hit a temperature of 96.
The afternoon highs will continue to climb as the warm air pushes inland across the Southwest corner where the desert state of Phoenix will climb to 105.

Cooler air will move into the Northern States on Sunday to possibly aid the firefighting efforts with the Northwest and Northern California rising to temperatures in the mid-60s. In the east, showers will move across the Ohio River Valley into the East Coast as temperatures take a significant tumble into the 50s

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