Massive 'Jews for Trump' rally in NYC, pro-Trump caravan attacked with rocks, eggs and paint

 There was a massive pro-Trump car parade on Sunday in New York City. The parade was touted as the "largest Jewish car parade in history." Vehicles left from Coney Island to drive by Trump Tower in Manhattan and finish with a Trump rally in a park in Brooklyn.

The convoy of cars and trucks plastered with "Trump 2020" flags reportedly stretched for miles. Former NYC Mayor and President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani was also seen mixed in with the parade in Manhattan.

(Content Warning: Explicit language):

The "Jews for Trump" caravan was attacked by people throwing projectiles, including paint, eggs, and rocks, according to SV News. The egg-thrower allegedly made the mistake of recording himself throwing eggs at the vehicles and uploading the video online.

One man is seen punching one of the vehicles in the "Jews for Trump" parade. Social media posts show counter-protesters stomping on a thin blue line flag.

(Content Warning: Violent images):

As Trump supporters rolled through Manhattan, a black SUV with Trump flags was attacked by several individuals dressed in all black. The truck was splattered with red paint. As NYPD officers detained one man, a brawl erupted nearby. Then a man kicks the feet out from underneath another man, who falls on the pavement hard.

Another fight broke out in Times Square as tensions flared.

The NYPD declared an "unlawful assembly," and made several arrests. A woman was reportedly arrested for pepper-spraying Trump supporters; she can be heard crying as she is being handcuffed.

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