CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker after allegedly masturbating on Zoom call

The New Yorker told The Washington Post, "Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter," but did not elaborate further. A spokesperson for CNN issued a statement saying, "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted."

Anything else?

According to the Associated Press, Toobin has been a writer at the New Yorker for more than 20 years, and an analyst for CNN since 2002. He has written several books, and his most recent was titled, "True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump."

The phrase "Zoom dick" began trending on Twitter, in a nod to Vice's original headline, which read, "New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Zoom Dick Incident."

Editor's note: For several minutes, this article was updated to note that Vice removed the paragraph describing the Toobin incident. But the paragraph in question is now back in their story. Vice said it was technical glitch.

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