Campaign Spokesman For Democrat Mark Kelly Called Cops ‘Worthless F***ing Pigs’; Campaign Responds


The campaign spokesperson for Arizona Democrat Senate candidate Mark Kelly called Chicago police officers “worthless f***ing pigs” in response to rowdy activists clashing with the police over the summer.

“T.J. L’Heureux, Kelly’s deputy press secretary, posted the message in response to a video that showed Chicago police clashing with protesters over the summer. ‘You worthless f—ing pigs,’ wrote L’Heureux on Aug. 17, directing the message to the Chicago Police Department’s official Twitter account,” The Free Beacon reported. “The post came as the Kelly campaign has sought to portray itself as moderate on policing issues. Kelly, whose parents were police officers, has said he opposes defunding law enforcement agencies, a policy supported by some Democratic lawmakers and leaders of the anti-police protests erupting across the country.”

Joe Clure, the executive director of the Arizona Police Association, slammed Kelly’s campaign for the vile remark.

“It sadly isn’t the first time I’ve seen this from Democratic campaign personnel,” Clure told the The Free Beacon. “I hope that [Kelly] fires [the staffer] immediately to show that he doesn’t condone this kind of attitude that police are ‘f—ing worthless.'”

The campaign tried to distance itself from L’Heureux’s remarks by writing in a statement: “Our campaign values the public service, bravery and sacrifice of police officers across our nation. The tweet posted by a junior staff member is unacceptable and we are taking the appropriate action.”

Kelly was recently in the news after an undercover sting video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas showed a campaign staffer for Kelly seemingly admitting that Kelly—who claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment—will go after guns if he gets elected.

A member of Kelly’s campaign suggested on video that Kelly was trying to win over Republicans who were sick of Trump and Independents, but did not want to turn them off with gun control.

“One of their main issues is guns,” the staffer said. “So, I don’t think he’s fully, like, been out there saying, like, I want like a full gun control type measure, and I think it’s because he just wants to get elected first and then he wants to go further.”

Kelly has also faced scrutiny over his ties to communist China after he attended, while an astronaut, in 2003 “the annual Young Leaders Forum, a five-day junket cohosted by the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, which is ‘under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,’ The Free Beacon reported separately. “The conference allowed Kelly an opportunity to mingle with high-profile Communist Party officials and rising stars in Chinese society. Attendees included Cui Tiankai, now Chinese ambassador to the United States; Fang Xinghai, former director of the CCP’s top committee on the economy; and Zhou Mingwei, the party’s former top foreign propaganda honcho.”

“Kelly has also had extensive ties with China since becoming a civilian,” the report added. “World View Enterprise, an aerospace company he cofounded and in which he still holds investments, received funding from Chinese tech giant Tencent, which censors the internet for Beijing. As the Washington Free Beacon reported, he also held a financial stake in a Colorado company that courted investments from a Chinese state-funded tech enterprise.”

This article has been expanded after publication to include additional information.

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