Breonna Taylor Boyfriend ‘Had Numerous Conversations About Drug Trafficking,’ Investigators Said


Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker “had numerous conversations about drug trafficking” in his phone, investigators said, according to a document dump from the the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Walker, who fired at plainclothes officers during a raid on Taylor’s home on March 13 that tragically left her dead and one officer shot, allegedly had more than two dozen customers he dealt to, according to chats spanning from the fall of 2019 to March of this year, The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Released photos also show Taylor and Walker brandishing weapons, one of which is captioned “partners in crime.”

Last month, Kentucky’s Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron agreed to release recordings from the grand jury proceedings in the Taylor case after a former juror complained that “certain questions were left unanswered” and suggested that information presented to the grand jury was different from what Cameron presented to the public, reported The Daily Wire.

On Wednesday, the LMPD released 4,470 pages related to the investigation, 251 videos, and hundreds of photos.

“In police interviews, Walker said that he was not involved in serious criminal activity, but did say that he sometimes personally used marijuana,” The Daily Mail report said. “However, a search of his phone ‘found numerous conversations about drug trafficking,’ investigators said in the newly released documents.”

Walker was not named on the warrant and has claimed that he believed the officers executing the warrant were intruders or possibly Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. Because of his alleged confusion, he shot at the officers, who returned gunfire.

“In several ‘chats’ described in the documents, Walker discusses selling ‘pills’ to Hooters waitresses,” the report noted. “In another conversation, he sent an image of a bag of marijuana, advertising it as ‘Cali High Grade Premium Cannabis 1LB,’ according to the documents.”

Walker apparently “offered to sell half ounces for $25, or two ‘zips’, slang for ounces, for $260,” according to other detailed “chats.”

Taylor’s boyfriend also allegedly discussed robbing someone, per documents: “Walker asked how much ‘bread’ the target had, and another person replied that it was at least $25,000,” The Daily Mail said. “When someone in the chat asked if it was an easy target or whether they needed to to homework, Walker replied that he ‘does his homework on every mission,’ according to the documents.”

Photos of Taylor and Walker posing with guns were also revealed. The Daily Mail reported:In one photo recovered from Walker’s phone, Taylor poses with him as he holds a silver and black Glock 9mm that strongly resembles the gun Walker used to fire on police during the raid. He also shows off a ‘pistol style’ Springfield Saint AR-15.

‘Partners in crime’ reads the caption at the bottom of the photo, along with a cartoon of handcuffs. 

In text messages, Walker said that he purchased the Glock from a ‘white boy’ and that it wasn’t registered to him, but that he had a bill of sale. 

In one text message to Walker, Taylor sent an image of herself with the AR-15 pistol.

In another, she asks for a picture of the AR-15 pistol to show to a ‘white boy’ she works with who might be interested in purchasing it, according to the new documents.  

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