Boris Johnson's dad caught flouting coronavirus mask rules for second time in a week

Boris Johnson ’s dad has been caught flouting ­ coronavirus rules for the ­second time in a week.

The Prime Minister’s father Stanley was spotted with a mask pulled down from his face as he read a book in a busy airport.
The 80-year-old was snapped in these exclusive pictures obtained by the Daily Star Sunday as he waited to board a flight in Athens.
Officials there threatened to take “any and all” necessary action against him for breaking the rules.
It happened last Sunday as he headed back to the UK after a three-week holiday at his Greek villa.
Stanley’s lapse came just days before he was caught shopping without a mask near his London home earlier this week.
Greek law dictates masks must be worn at all times in all public spaces.

Stanley Johnson as spotted with a mask pulled down as he read a book while waiting in an airport in Athens 

Anyone breaking the rule risks a fine of around £135.
A police source said: “It does not matter who you are, celebrity or no. We are all doing our best to stop the virus spreading, and we will be very hard on those who do not listen.
“You must wear a mask, and if you don’t we will give a big fine. He should be warned. We will not go easy on him.”
A police spokesman added: “It is very rare not to see the people in Greece wearing one because everyone is trying hard.
“He is not above the law and we will not hesitate to ­arrest and fine anyone who comes here.”

Anyone breaking the rule risks paying a fine of around £135 

Airport witnesses claimed that Mr Johnson had also ignored social ­distancing guidelines.
One said: “I first noticed Stanley because he sat too close to me at the gate so I had to shuffle along the seats to maintain social distancing – then I noticed he wasn’t wearing his mask properly. He had his nose outside of the mask, but then while reading pulled it all the way down.
“It was disappointing as everyone else at the gate was sticking to the rules – maintaining social distancing, using hand sanitiser, wearing their masks correctly.
“I find his behaviour shocking ­given he is the father of the Prime Minister who is currently enforcing these rules.”

Stanley was recently snapped in his local newsagent without a face covering 

On Wednesday, just days after ­returning to the UK, Stanley was snapped in his local newsagent without a face covering.
He said: “I was maybe not 100% up to speed but that was my first day back in England after three weeks not in England. So they (the rules) may have changed in that time.138238889447
“I’m extremely sorry for the slip up and I would urge absolutely everybody to do everything they can to make sure they do follow the rules about masks and social distancing.
“The fact this was my first day back in the UK after three weeks abroad is, I am sure, no excuse for not knowing the rules.”
Stanley had already faced criticism earlier this year when he went to stay in his Greek villa right in the middle of the lockdown.

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