YouTuber Livestreams Himself Pooping On Nancy Pelosi’s Driveway

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, speaks during a press conference at Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC on November 6, 2018. -
A YouTuber live-streamed himself defecating on the driveway of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a “peaceful protest.”
In the footage taken on Saturday, the man, who identifies himself as “Armando” or “Mando,” is seen walking the streets of San Francisco in search of the Democrat’s home. Once there, he sets up a camera across the street and walks to her driveway, salutes his viewers, drops his pants, and squats.
After a few seconds, he stands up and says, “That was for President Trump,” the New York Post reported. The video has been viewed more than 21,000 times.
“The 28-year-old said he’s part of a niche YouTube community that creates ‘IRL’ or ‘in real life’ live stream videos chronicling long stretches of unfiltered daily life,” said the paper. He says on his YouTube page that he became homeless six years ago and uses the videos to show what life on the street is like.
Mando told The Post that the comment was meant to be “satire,” and that he’s “not really very political,” although he supports President Trump’s accomplishments and is scared about rising crime and the state of the country. “I fear America is becoming one big burned down city,” he said.
The man says he was later stopped by officers with the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department, who detained him at the request of Capitol Police, which protects members of Congress.
“It was scary! I thought my life was over in that moment,” he said. “They kept asking me, ‘Are you this? Are you that? Are you Antifa?’ And the Capitol Police were definitely watching my channel, because I could hear them on the radio like, ‘Tell him to turn off the stream.’”
“They asked me about Kamala Harris, and about how I joked on the stream that if she lived in San Francisco I’d s*** on her house too. They weren’t f***ing playing,” The Daily Mail reported.The Post says he also apologized on Sunday to Pelosi on Twitter, saying, “@SpeakerPelosi I know you may not ever see this but I want you to know, I meant no foul harm yesterday when I did what I did. I’m not proud of it at all and I just would like for you to know that. I have no ill will against you or anyone in an elected officials position.”
“Armando” told The Post that his act was “not something I’m particularly proud of,” calling it a “peaceful protest” that he hopes will prompt officials to provide more resources for the homeless.
“What better way to show someone the message, you know?” he said. “We need more access to bathrooms, we need more access to resources out here.”
The incident came just weeks after Pelosi, who has supported full lockdowns over COVID-19 and advocates a national mask policy, was caught dropping into a hair salon in California — ordered closed by the governor — and walking around without a mask.
The 81-year-old California Democrat took a few days to come up with a defense: It was all a setup.
“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times, and when they said, ‘We’re able to accommodate people one person at a time.’ I trusted that,” the speaker said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
“So I take responsibility for falling for a setup. And that’s all I’m going to say on that,” Pelosi said. “I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up.”

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