WATCH: Woman Claims To Hold Suspected Arsonist At Gunpoint As Wildfires Rage

MONROVIA, CA - SEPTEMBER 16: A forest is incinerated near Cooper Canyon in the Angeles National Forest as the Bobcat Fire burns out of control on September 16, 2020 north of Monrovia, California. The fire, burning in the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles, has grown to more than 50,000 acres and is only 3% contained.
A woman in Oregon claims that she stopped a man she suspected may have been an arsonist by using a firearm to hold him at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.
“Get on the floor, right now, face down! What are you doing on my property?” the woman yells at the man. “Did you light anything on fire?”
The man claims that he was just passing through and, when pressed about why he was holding matches, he responds, “I smoke.” When asked to show his cigarettes, he admits he has none.
The armed woman then keeps the suspect there until police arrive. They eventually handcuff him and take him away.
“The confrontation came as intense wildfires tear through the state and other parts of the West Coast — with smoke from the blazes reaching as far as Europe,” the New York Post reported.
Fox News reported that the woman responded to allegations that the incident was staged by writing on Facebook that it “truly did happen and there is nothing fake about it.”

The woman posted the following statement on Facebook:
I read all your msgs to me, even the private ones, I can tell you that this truly did happen and there is nothing fake about it, I do not wish to keep private msgs between you and I, not with you or the dozens of people who are reaching out to me. Some with terrifying words, but mostly I am truly humbled by many kind words that have been said to me. I do not wish to speak to anyone, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a journalist who wants to put out on the news, I will not put my family in danger by exposing myself any more than what I have already, besides the media will just twist my words. Feel free to use the pictures that you have obtained if you want but I will not interview with anyone. I will tell you something though if I need to do this again to protect my family and my neighbors, I will in a heartbeat do it again, except this time I will not be as nice as I was. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
In all things, may the victory come to us while the glory goes to God. Blessings 🙏 -Kat.
Some of you still think we’re not being under attack. I found this individual walking in my property as I was driving in, all he had were some matches in his hand. Walked him out of my property at gunpoint and then when we got to some asphalt ground on the main road made him lay down while the cops arrived. Had my husband been here he would have been dead. This criminal has got multiple warrants one of them being assaulting a police officer.
The woman later shared a photograph that purported to show the man being taken in custody by law enforcement officials.

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