Moonwalkies! Adorable moment German shepherd spins around and walks backwards into bedroom in Texas

A German shepherd in Texas has developed it's own bizarre way of entering rooms through open doorways. 
Video footage recorded at his home in Austin, Texas, by owner Madeleine Fonteneau shows eight-year-old Jackson performing his unusual entrance.
Eight-year-old Jackson wanders up to a doorway and peeks inside to see who is in the room before spinning around on the spot to face away from the open door at his home in Austin, Texas
He then spins around on the spot so that he is facing away from the open doorway.The video was recorded on August 27 and Madeleine said that while Jackson's trick was entertaining, he doesn't do it through every doorway.
He then spins around on the spot to face away from the open door at his home in Austin, TexasJackson then walks backwards into the room before bumping into the bedMadeleine adopted Jackson from an ex-boyfriend where he had been spending a lot of time in a dark apartment with a bad hip.Now though, Madeleine said: 'Just a few months later, he's really come out of his shell! 
'We go hiking all the time, and we're currently on our first road trip! It's been great getting to see his personality shine.'
Jackson has other unique habits as well, including burying his head among blankets, fitting Madeleine's other dog's head in his mouth and being afraid of getting into cars.
But Madeleine said: 'He's an incredible boy, and I feel really lucky to spend my life with this handsome weirdo!'oom.

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