Michael Moore Suggests GOP Wants SCOTUS ‘To Keep The Feet On The Necks Of Women’

US director Michael Moore waves as he arrives for the screening of the film "The Specials (Hors Normes)" at the 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 25, 2019.
Michael Moore is not taking the news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death very well. Now that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to push a nominee to fill her seat, the left-wing filmmaker is accusing Republicans of trying to enslave women.
Speaking on MSNBC’S “Live With Alex Witt,” the “Bowling for Columbine” director said that the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will fire up the Democratic base, namely women, into voting in droves come November.
“I think that this is—a lot of what I’ve watched on cable news this weekend—there seem to be a lot of people thinking this is gonna help Trump, that this will inspire his base,” said Moore, as reported by Newsbusters. “No, the majority of the population—the majority gender is women, and women are gonna vote by at least 10 percentage points over men in this election.”
“They’ve made a big mistake going after this and doing it in such a kind of cruel way. She’s not even dead for 24 hours, and they were already on it,” he continued. “I think that this is gonna have a huge impact, and Alexandria is correct. This isn’t about whether we like Joe Biden or not; this is about saving our democracy.”
Moore then echoed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s famous statement from 50 years ago when she asked that men take their feet off the necks of women.
“Fifty years ago—40, 50 years ago—at the beginning, when she first stood in front of the Supreme Court as a lawyer on a gender discrimination case, she said, ‘I have one request here, and that is not to ask favor for my gender, it is simply to ask our brethren, men, to please take your feet off our necks,'” said Moore. “That was her request 40, 50 years ago. Her request this week just before she died was to say, ‘Please, my fervent wish is that I not be replaced until we have a new president—whoever the president is on November 3—that when that president takes office, that is who should replace me.’ That was her last and only request.”
Moore emphasized that the nation must honor Ginsburg’s last and only request to keep her SCOTUS seat, even though the seat belongs to the people, not her.
“We need to honor this last request of hers. We all need to take a pledge to do that. And especially men because we’re not affected personally by Roe v. Wade, so it’s even more incumbent upon us to stand up and speak up for women’s rights and to keep the grubby hands of the Republican Party and the Christian Right off the bodies of women who have their own right to decide what they want to do.” he said. “I think that that is just so crucial right now.”
Should the Republicans get their way, Moore said they will continue to keep their feet on the necks of women, thereby destroying Ginsburg’s long request from 50 years ago.
“We haven’t honored her first request yet from 50 years ago. We still haven’t taken our feet off women’s necks—that’s why they’re so anxious to get in there right now and get this justice, this right-winger in there and get rid of Roe v. Wade because that’s what they want,” he concluded. “Keep the feet on the necks of women.”

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