Man caught on security video firebombing Republican Women's headquarters in California

Surveillance video captured a man photobombing a Republican Women's headquarters in California and months later the police announced that they had captured and charged a suspect in the alleged attack.

The firebomb attack on the East Valley Republican Women Federated offices in La Quinta occurred on May 31.
The video shows a man clad in all black breaking the windows of the offices with a metal bat. He then takes an improvised incendiary bomb, commonly known as a molotov cocktail, and tosses it into the building.
When the first attack fails to light the building on fire, he comes back and breaks some more windows, grabs the bottles, and refills them with gasoline to throw them back into the building.
Video from inside the offices showed the fire spreading and the smoke filling the room after the second attack.
Here's a video of stills from the firebomb attack:
"It's just kind of that thing that hangs on to you and makes you feel not comfortable all the time, when you have something like that happen," said Joy Miedece, the president of the women's organization. "You're violated, you're absolutely violated."
She told KESQ-TV that she arrived at the headquarters just moments after the attack.
Police announced that they had arrested and charged Carlos Espriu, 23, with allegedly committing the attack.
"Investigators determined that Espriu was attending a party in Indio on Sept. 9 and stopped a vehicle he was driving when he left the party," said a release from local officials.
Law enforcement officials said they found Espriu's social media account and discovered a post that read, "I wanna go burn sh** n get hit with tear gas," around the time of the attack.
According to the complaint against Espriu, he was recorded detailing how he put together the molotov cocktails and the events of the night when he allegedly firebombed the offices.
Espriu is being held on a $1 million bail. If convicted of the charges, he faces a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Here's a local news report about the incident:

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