Incredible video captures the moment a bear suddenly emerges from behind bushes and takes a swipe at a jogger

A Canadian jogger had the scare of her life last week when a bear loomed out of some nearby bushes and took a swipe at her legs.

What are the details?

Video captured the moment the bear went on the offensive against the unnamed female jogger, who was enjoying the trails at Coquitlam Crunch in British Columbia, Canada, on Saturday.
Bystander Sam Abdullah said that he witnessed the bear's attempted attack on the woman and began recording, but not before trying to distract the bear and lead him away from the defenseless hiker.
"I think she was in shock and she just froze there, you know," Abdullah told the CBC.
The woman can be seen in the video standing there, appearing unsure what to do.
"I was trying to distract the bear by yelling because we are not running away, because there was a girl there and we waited there until we knew that's she's safe," Abdullah added.
In the video, a black bear can be seen surprising the woman and swiping at her leg. The bear can be seen backing away from the woman — who is frozen with fear — and appears to become distracted as the woman takes off at full speed.
"She kept running all the way down [the trail]," Abdullah recalled.
The British Columbia Conservation Service announced it would be temporarily closing the trail following the close call.
In a statement shared on Twitter, the organization said, "#BCCOS has closed the upper portion of the #Coquitlam Crunch trail after a runner was swatted on the leg by a black bear. The public is urged to be vigilant, take safety precautions, and asked to report any bear sightings in the area to the #RAPP line. For tips, visit @wildsafebc."

'This bear's not a good bear to have in a community'

Conservation Officer Murray Smith told the CBC, "It appears the bear had little or no fear of the runner. It wasn't like the bear was startled by the runner and reached out and contacted them. In this case, the runner stopped, and the bear approached the runner, and then the bear hit the person's leg, so it's very concerning."
Smith warned that if bears are becoming bolder, as evidenced by the above video, it could mean that the animals are losing their fear of humans.
"And so that's why we think this bear's not a good bear to have in a community," he explained.
Smith also cautioned joggers and hikers alike to carry bear spray with them while on the trails and even to go as far as bringing a set of bells with them to scare off any brash bears.

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