From Congress to countertops: Former Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner announces he's now CEO of company that makes glass products

Former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) has reportedly found himself a new gig: chief executive officer of a countertop company.

What are the details?

The New York Post was first to report Monday that Weiner — a convicted sex offender and serial sexter — is "trying to rebuild his shattered life by running a company that makes countertops out of broken glass."
The outlet got its hands on a promotional email announcing his latest venture.
"One of the amazing things about IceStone countertops, is that since people throw away all kinds of glass, there is almost an unlimited array of different colors we can use in our recycled glass creations," Wiener wrote.
"So that when I joined the company as CEO I asked what I thought was an obvious question — Can we make a countertop in the colors of my favorite New York teams?" he asked.
"So while not everyone is a fan of the Islanders (fingers crossed), Mets (ugh) or Knicks (don't ask), if you are interested in a little color in your life, give IceStone a call," Weiner added.
The Post suggested that "Weiner appears to have found the perfect employer in IceStone, which says its 'commitment to second chances goes beyond our factory and our products.'"
IceStone states on its website:
We hire the homeless, refugees and train the formerly incarcerated and ensure that everyone gets paid a living wage and has access to subsidized health insurance and a voice in the company.
As of this writing, IceStone has not posted an announcement to its website welcoming Weiner as an addition to the company, and he is not listed as a member of the leadership team.
CrimeOnline pointed out that "According to his LinkedIn account, Weiner quietly joined IceStone in May with no fanfare — there's not even a press release on the company's website about his hiring."

What's the background?

Weiner was known as a progressive firebrand in Congress before, as CrimeOnline noted, in 2011 "he accidentally tweeted a crotch shot of himself on his public Twitter account. He left his seat in congress, and then launched a campaign for mayor of New York two years later — until another sexting scandal revealed his use of the online pseudonym "Carlos Danger.'"
The disgraced Democrat was caught in 2016 "sexting and sending lewd pictures of himself to a 15-year-old girl" as reported previously by TheBlaze. Weiner served 16 months in federal prison for the crime.
After being released, Weiner was required to register as a sex offender and undergo three years of supervised release.
Huma Abedin, his wife and longtime Hillary Clinton top aide, filed for divorce following his release, but later withdrew the petition.

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