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With a fashion show for the house “Burberry” filmed in a forest, without an audience or stars in the front row, the day before yesterday, London Fashion Week opened in a way that adapts this event to the prevailing health reality.
The Burberry show, which was held in the middle of a forest, in cooperation with the contemporary German artist Ann Imhoff, gave the launch signal for the London Fashion Week.
The show was broadcast live on the Twitch streaming platform, and was followed by about 40,000 users. And a half-hour-long “Twitch” dialogue between the artists Erika Badoo, Rosalia, Steve Lacey and model Bella Hadid contributed to boosting the public’s interest.
The designation «In Bloom» (florid) was given to the Spring 2021 and Summer Collection, through which Italian designer Ricardo Tecchi continued to renew the designs of the British brand that was founded in 1856.
London Fashion Week is witnessing a limited number of field shows, while 80 designers present their collections until Tuesday, some of them according to dates only, and most of them through video.
British Fashion Council President Stephanie Fair told AFP that Fashion Week “is adapting to a new reality” by presenting shows “on a much smaller scale.”

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