Chris Matthews calls Trump 'presidential' for his response to Ginsburg death, and liberals are melting down online

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews was the object of a furious backlash after he offered praise for President Donald Trump and his response to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The iconic liberal pundit offered his appraisal of the president in a short tweet on Monday.
"Trump is right to show respect for RBG. True presidential behavior. Far too rare," said Matthews.
The president was first made aware of the death of the women's rights advocate on Friday when asked by reporters about it after he spoke at a campaign rally in Minnesota. The president called Ginsburg an "amazing woman who led an amazing life." The White House later released a statement praising Ginsburg for her lifetime of accomplishments.

'Pathetic suck-up!'

Despite the muted criticism tacked on at the end of his tweet, Matthews immediately faced the ire of liberals and other critics of the president on social media.
"Oh geez, @HardballChris, give me a f**king break. Really, you're such a pathetic suck-up!" replied Democratic strategist Jon Cooper.
"Oh look, it's Chris Matthews being terrible, how shocking! I'm so glad you're not on TV anymore #stfu," said writer Tara Dublin.
"I swear to god that Chris Matthews never really made it past 1996 in terms of his perception of American politics. The man seems to be stuck in a time when the national discourse was shaped by white men saying things about each other," replied LGBT advocate Charlotte Clymer.
"When you're desperate to be even more of a joke than you already are," said Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko.
"So glad you aren't on the air. Some people never learn," said screenwriter Bruno Amato.
Others made biting references to the accusations of sexual harassment that forced Matthews to leave his MSNBC show in March after two decades.
"Gonna just throw it out there that Chris Matthews isn't exactly an expert on respecting women," said disability advocate Kendall Brown.

Here's more on the death of Ginsburg:

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