Candace Owens Dismantles The ‘Big Lie’ Of Systemic Racism, Says ‘White Guilt’ Is Allowing People To ‘Act Like Toddlers’

Screenshot/YouTube/Candace Owens | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 97
Political commentator Candace Owens said that a systemic feeling of “white guilt” in the United States is much more detrimental to black Americans than racism, and especially “systemic racism.”
Appearing on the latest edition of The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special,” Owens, who has long advocated for a conservative approach to solving problems within the black community, covered topics from the largest issues harming black Americans today to her success in leading the so-called “Blexit” movement to persuade black Democrats to join the GOP.After the death of George Floyd in May, racially-charged, anti-police brutality protests broke out across the United States. Those protests, led largely by the Black Lives Matter organization, have devolved into hundreds of riots across America’s largest cities. One of the main ideas driving the social unrest is that police are unjustly targeting black Americans to a large degree, which Owens calls a “big lie.”
“If you are truly, sincerely a white supremacist in America, the best thing you could do is do nothing and let black America tend to itself because what we do to ourselves, right, when left unattended to ourselves is way worse, when you look at the statistics, than allowing any other group to come in and try to do anything to us,” Owens said. “And that’s including, of course, police officers, who are not killing black Americans for no reason.”
Owens also said assertions that systemic racism is stopping black people from succeeding in the United States are meritless, and that so-called “white guilt,” the idea that white people living today are at least partly responsible for injustices done to black people in the past and so are responsible for black Americans’ success now, is keeping black Americans from maturing.
Systemic racism “is not at all an obstacle to black Americans today,” Owens said. “There is no systemic racism. There is no law. There is nothing that says I cannot do something as a black person that you can do, so it’s completely false. What we’re really talking about is the fact that people want to absolve themselves of personal responsibility, and we’re being helped.
“If there is anything that is systemic in America today, it is white guilt. It’s been institutionalized, it’s been politicized, politicians [and] white people feeling bad for themselves and therefore allowing people – allowing black people and white people alike – you know, Antifa and Black Lives Matter to run around and act like toddlers, right?” Owens continued. “There is an emotional immaturity that is happening in black America, and it is spawned by the education system which shapes you from the time you are in kindergarten to believe that because you are black, you can’t in America. When you keep telling a child over and over again they can’t because-, they won’t, right? They will begin to believe in their own futility.”
Owens addressed a recent controversy over a video she posted on Instagram bashing the “media depiction” of Floyd, a black man who died in police custody, as a “martyr for black America.” Floyd had a lengthy rap sheet and a history of drug abuse.
“We elevate people who should not be elevated and we downgrade people who should be elevated, right?” Owens said, referring to the black community in America. “So Condoleezza Rice? Uncle Tom. Larry Elder? Coon. Dr. Ben Carson? Stupid. That’s my favorite one, that a literal neurosurgeon is stupid.”
Owens criticized Republicans and conservatives for “giving up the culture war” and allowing Hollywood, the music industry, and other entertainment outlets to dominate and create rampant misconceptions about conservatives. The way to win the culture back, Owens said, is to be unapologetic, truthful, and not concerned with bad-faith accusations of racism and other slanders.
Owens has been working to change black America from the inside, which she says is the only way that black Americans can truly succeed: to do it themselves. Owens said the Blexit movement has made large inroads into the black community since she began advocating for black people to leave the Democratic Party.
“I think for the first time there has been a lot of chatter and a lot of debate in black America about politics in general,” Owens said. “At the height of this racial unrest, there is also racial conversation. I can tell you when I first got started, I had no black fans. It was, ‘You are an Uncle Tom. You’re a coon. You’re a house negro.’ And that has completely transformed. I am inundated with emails from people thanking me.”
She also offered her thoughts on the election, predicting a Trump “landslide,” unless mail-in voting is widely adopted.
“Trump wins, I think it’s going to be by a lot unless mail-in voting happens,” Owens said. “Mail-in voting makes me very nervous. It’s just something you can’t get a handle on, but if the election goes forward and we can vote in person, Donald Trump is going to win and I think it is going to be by a landslide.”

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