Baby goat reunited with mama melts the internet’s heart

It’s enough to make you wanna call your momma.
A young goat named Shawarma D. Goat has left the internet bleary-eyed and weepy after a human family from the Philippines helped the kid reunite with its herd in the countryside.
A video depicting Shawarma’s reunion was initially posted on Reddit by u/kdearceo. It earned some 120,000 “up-votes” of approval on the message-board site.
The rescuer, Ken Arceo, later created a compilation of their 24 hours with Shawarma, before the juvenile was returned to his mother. After being shared on Twitter by viral video purveyor and former NBA player Rex Chapman, the touching story was helped to another big boost with 2.4 million views.
“Meet Shawarma, a lost kid we found trapped in a pit and reunited with his herd after 24 hours,” Arceo captioned the video on a YouTube video posted Thursday.
Enlarge ImageShawarma D. Goat
Shawarma D. GoatKen Arceo/YouTube
Knowing the defenseless creature may be in danger if left on its own, Arceo and his family brought the kid home to keep warm and attempt feeding it — not an easy transition for the tot, Arceo explained in the comments thread on Reddit.
“It’s sad that every time he cuddles me to sleep last night he tries to suck on my shirt so I have this dropper with milk to think he was actually breastfeeding,” he said. The struggle is evident in the video.
Arceo, who seemed happy to play parent for the evening, searched the internet for information about goat care to help them get through the night.
“I’ve googled that they are sensitive to cold, best I could give was body heat. I’ve also learned that they are social creatures so sleeping right beside him on the sofa solved the intense crying,” he wrote.Understandably enthralled users on Reddit had lots of questions for Arceo — including important matters such as, “Is it soft?”
“Very soft,” he responded, “and has only the smell of plain candle wax.”
As the viewer can plainly see from the start, this story ends happily: Shawarma is seemingly returned to his mother — very, very hungry, apparently.
“Now he can go for the real thing tonight,” said Arceo of his bottled milk attempt, “and that makes me happy!”
Shawarma’s millions of fans, however, are simply glad to have been blessed with such a pure display of love and humanity during these troubling times.
Said one follower on Twitter, “If it wasn’t for animal videos I don’t know how I would’ve stayed sane these past 4 years.”

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