2 Seattle Schools Offered 7-Year-Olds Anti-Police, Leftist Messages

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Two Seattle-area schools have utilized materials for second-graders that endorsed anti-police or leftist narratives. The seven-year-olds were offered curricula that included a video in which a black man is shot by police, triggering the comments, “The cops shot him because he was Black” and “It was a mistake that is part of a pattern.” Other curricula pushed leftist activism, including mantras such as “take a knee” and “white silence=violence.”
As Jason Rantz reports at MyNorthwest.com, a second grade teacher at Grove Elementary in Marysville posted a video to the school’s online system titled “Animation Series: Something Happened In Our Town.” The video revolved a young white girl and young black boy’s perspectives of a white officer shooting a black man.
“When the white girl asks why police shot the man, she’s told by her sister, ‘The cops shot him because he was Black.’ The girl’s mom says it was a mistake to shoot the man, noting that, ‘It was a mistake that is part of a pattern’ where white people are treated well, but not Black people,” Rantz noted.
In the video (below), Rantz continued, the black boy’s father tells his son the officer “won’t go to jail.” The boy’s brother says, “Cops stick up for each other. And they don’t like Black men.”

Jodi Runyon, the school’s Director of Communications, Engagement, and Outreach, emailed Rantz, saying that the issue “was successfully addressed at the school level,” adding later that the video was supposed to be “an optional resource to build understanding in challenging times” and was removed after parents objected.
At Gig Harbor’s Discovery Elementary school in the Peninsula School District, some resources were posted online for the students’ virtual classroom in a section titled “Black Lives Matter Instructional Library.” One book was titled “A is for Activist,” read by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello (below).
Rantz reported:
The book instructs students that “environmental justice is the way!,” celebrates May Day demonstrations, teaches students to demand “no justice, no peace” and “no war,” and asks students, “Are you an activist?” It also encourages students to “Agitate! Organize!” and promotes “Workers rights!” and “Union. Union yes!!” The story ends by promoting Zapatista, a far-left socialist political and militant group.

video titled “Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights” (below), featured former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as students were urged to “take a knee,” organize a union and “strike.” The school had suggestions for various other resources, including The Woke Kindergarten YouTube host Ki, who on one page published a photo promoting “Police-Free Schools.”

The school’s communications director replied to Rantz by stating, “We don’t have a comment for you on this topic.”
In early August, SeattleMet conducted a group chat revolving around “How the city’s schools can work toward creating just learning environments for students of color.” Erin Okuno, executive director, Southeast Seattle Education Coalition, stated:
In the work that we do at SESEC, we are very explicit about talking about racial equity. Because right now, if we don’t talk about race, and we don’t center racial equity, the conversation devolves into other things like gender equity, gender equality. Or, it becomes a class conversation which, when you start to talk about that, you don’t talk about race in America. So SESEC is very explicit about saying, “Right now we have to focus on racial equity.” If you come to our conversations or anything, we make sure we center communities of color first.

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