VIDEO: Protesters harass and assault attendees leaving White House RNC event

Protesters were caught on video assaulting and harassing the attendees who were leaving the last event of the Republican National Convention on Thursday evening.
In one video caught by Tim Carney of the American Enterprise Institute, protesters loudly scream profanities at the attendees as they go through a chainlink gate. At one point a protest aggressively gestures to an elderly white woman.
The video was widely circulated on social media and quickly garnered more than 600k views.
Hundreds of protesters assembled outside the White House to advocate for the goals and aims of the Black Lives Matter movement.
"We are here to liberate black lives because historically, they have been shut down!" explained one protester.
Another video from Carney shows police protecting a couple who are being confronted by protesters:
Another video shows masked protesters aggressively harassing a couple and threatening to assault them.
"How do you feel about the killing of black individuals in America?! Put your hands on me again and I'll f**k you up!" she screamed in the man's face.
Another alarming video shows an older man being mobbed by protesters, with one especially aggressive one shoving a bullhorn in his face and threatening him. He attempts to walk away but he's struck several times from behind.
Later in the video he appears to be knocked down by one of the protesters. Some of the other protesters can be heard defending the man and telling the aggressor to let him walk away.
President Donald Trump made the funding of the police and stamping out rioting by protesters a cornerstone of his convention speech. He argued that a re-election of his administration would mean less rioting in contrast to that of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

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