TOTO: ‘No Safe Spaces,’ Conservative Docs Crushing Amazon DVD Sales

Conservatives are finally making headway on the documentary front.
Larry Elder’s “Uncle Tom” swiftly recouped its costs after going live at the film’s official website in June. Recent releases like “Man in the Arena,” “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words,” and the upcoming “The Plot Against the President” let right-leaning filmmakers tell their side of the story.
Now, a film celebrating free speech at a time when the Left wants to cancel it is making noise at
No Safe Spaces,” last year’s hit docudrama, debuted in the top slot on the site’s DVD documentary category this week. Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager explore modern campus culture and how it seeks to diminish, if not outright cancel, voices that veer from the progressive playbook.
The film, featuring voices from the Left and Right, warns that the impulse to silence speech won’t be confined to universities.
That message proved prophetic.
Cancel Culture intensified following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. The media, corporations, and Hollywood quickly lined up to silence dissent, push approved messages, and/or diminish voices that dared to challenge progressive groupthink.
Big Tech joined the cancellation effort, too.
“No Safe Spaces” predicted this reality. The film’s DVD doesn’t hit store shelves until Sept. 15, but sales are strong at The film debuted in the site’s top slot in the DOCUMENTARY category and currently sits at no. 2 in sales.
This comes after Walmart decided earlier this year not to stock the DVD despite the film’s strong box office showing and the combined clout of Prager and Carolla to promote the home video release.
“No Safe Spaces” has some curious company over at Amazon.
Number 7 and 8 on the site’s Documentary DVD charts belong to author turned auteur Dinesh D’Souza. His films “Hillary’s America” (2016) and “Death of a Nation” (2018) both challenge progressive narratives, but neither can be considered “new.”
Their sudden rise is curious.
Numbers 16 and 19 on the list also reflect right-of-center thinking. “2016: Obama’s America” crushed the box office back in 2012, while “America: Imagine a World Without Her” did the same two years later.
The latter films all involve D’Souza, who returns next month with his latest conservative docudrama, “Trump Card.”

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