Man Claiming To Be A ‘Witch’ Charged With Lying To Police In Case Of Missing Georgia Mom

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A self-proclaimed witch has been charged for allegedly lying to federal officers trying to find a missing Georgia mom.
Shanon Demar Ryan, 38, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was arrested Saturday for allegedly lying about the case of missing mom Leila Cavett, who disappeared late last month while traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported. Cavett’s son Kamdyn, 2, was found wandering the streets of Miramar, Florida, the day after Cavett was last seen.
Ryan claimed on Facebook that he had known Cavett for a year and let her and Kamdyn live with him for a while when they needed a place to stay. He also claimed they had reconnected recently and met up the day she vanished. He said they smoked marijuana, ate at The Cheesecake Factory, and spent time at the beach on the day she disappeared. He also said when they got back in touch that Cavett told him she had gotten a truck and Ryan offered to purchase it from her.
“I said, ‘Let me buy that truck from you,’” Ryan claimed. “‘I’m not selling my truck.’ I’m like, ‘Leila, come on, sell me the truck.’”
He said he paid Cavett $3,000 for the truck and the two stopped at a nearby gas station. The FBI confirmed that Cavett was at that particular gas station on the day he said he and Cavett stopped there.
Ryan said later in the day, after he and Cavett had been hanging out, they returned to that gas station and she started talking to some men in a car, whom Ryan says she eventually left with even though Ryan said he discouraged her from doing so. He said he waited for her but she never came back.
He later posted a video saying he was the last person to see her.
“Why is it you have a missing woman, and the last person that’s seen her, which is me, who talked to the police, you ain’t heard nothing about me,” Ryan said in the video, according to 7News.
Ryan has also posted numerous times in which he discusses Cavett’s disappearance in vague terms. On August 6, the Sentinel reported, Ryan posted two photos allegedly showing authorities in plainclothes searching a Lexus sedan. In the background of one of the photos, there is a truck similar to the one owned by Cavett with its door open.
Police have not said what, exactly, Ryan lied about that earned him the charges.
Cavett’s father told 7 News that he believed Ryan knew more than he was letting on. He was then asked about Ryan’s arrest and told the outlet, “I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m mad, I’m upset.”
Ryan describes himself on his Facebook page as a “witch, spiritual adviser, teacher and CEO,” the Sentinel reported. He also claims he wants to set the record straight about witches.
“Stop thinking like muggles,” he wrote, according to the outlet. “A witch putting a hex on someone does not mean that person is going to die or be killed. Why would a Witch kill anyone they want to suffer? There is no suffering in death, only the living suffer. You need flesh, bones and a beating heart in order to feel pain.”

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