Anti-Police Protesters Rush ‘Upscale’ Kenosha Neighborhood: ‘Out Of Your House And Into The Streets!’

KenoshaLeftist anti-police protesters stormed an “upscale” neighborhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin, late this week to cause as much disruption as possible.
Filmmaker Ami Horowitz posted a video on Twitter of the incident, saying, “So, now we’re in a wealthy white neighborhood and they want to make sure that nobody has any peace and nobody can sleep.”Toward the end of the video, the crowd, which numbered well over 100, started chanting, “Out of your house and into the streets!”
The video appears to have been taken on either late Thursday night or during the early morning hours on Friday.WATCH:
The chant from the leftists was the same chant that far-left activists in Portland used last week when they marched through a residential neighborhood and shined lights into people’s homes.
Journalists who were on the ground said that the activists were part of Black Lives Matter.

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