Virgin Media goes down AGAIN: Fury as hundreds of broadband users battle with internet outage for second day in a row - and at least the SIXTH time the service has crashed in three months

  • Hundreds of customers complain of internet outage across the UK this morning
  • Complaints were most concentrated in London, Birmingham and Nottingham
  • This is the latest in a number of lockdown incidents with Virgin Media users complaining of sporadic service for last three months as Britons work from home
Hundreds of Virgin Media were today left unable to connect to the internet when the network provider suffered yet another outage.
Social media users have written to the broadband provider to complain of days of what they say is intermittent cuts to their service. 
But the Downdetector website recorded more than 700 complaints across the UK on Wednesday morning.
The graph from outage website Down Detector shows a spike in complaints at about 8.30am
The graph from outage website Down Detector shows a spike in complaints at about 8.30am
Despite the high number of reported problems, a Virgin Media spokesperson said: 'Down Detector is not an accurate representation of our network status.
'There are no widespread or major issues with our broadband, TV or mobile connectivity.
'We're aware of a technical problem affecting the 'My Virgin Media' portal, this will impact access to Virgin Media account information, our email service and related apps.
'This will not affect connectivity relating to broadband, mobile or TV services. A fix is being worked on and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.'
The spokesman added that Down Detector was not an accurate way to measure internet outages and the Virgin Media network. 
Most complaints were recorded in Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Leeds and Preston.
A high number of customers in Portsmouth, Norwich and Peterborough have also reported problems.
More than 250 people reported cuts to their services at 1am on Wednesday, before another spike at 8.30am with an estimated 718 complaints.
The telecoms firm has been plagued with outages recently as millions of Brits continue to work from home.Yesterday, more than 400 Virgin Media customers complained of being unable to connect to the internet, peaking shortly after midnight.
On July 23, more than 500 people complained of internet outage at about 1.30pm with a concentration of reports in London and Birmingham. 
Customers took to social media to complain about the service this morning.
One user wrote: 'The Virgin Media network has been seriously unstable these past few months, often going down for hours at a time.
'I've started looking into getting a failover connection.'
Another user added: 'Virgin Media can you please just admit that you have not done anything to make sure your network can handle the influx of people using it.
'Every morning it goes down without fail while everyone's logging on from home.'
Lucy Smith said: 'Yet again Virgin Media is down in Birmingham and most of the UK, wonder what excuse will be used this time.
'People working from home trying to keep their jobs and they have this to contend with. Disappointing service.' 
Virgin Media customers took to social media to voice their frustration about lack of service
Virgin Media customers took to social media to voice their frustration about lack of service
 This is just the latest report of issues with the Virgin Media service.
On July 6, thousands of users were left without internet for more than two hours with a high concentration of complaints in Nottingham and London. 
The majority of complaints, around 77 per cent, focused on connectivity problems via cable internet.
One tweeted: 'Hmmm @virginmedia down again. Surprise surprise'.
Another said: '@virginmedia having constant issues with WiFi dropping out while trying to work home.
'Have checked online and states everything is working fine, but it isn't. In Birmingham'.
Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at UK broadband and mobile comparison site, told MailOnline: 'While the lockdown period has certainly seen increased demand for data via home broadband connections, thus far UK networks have fared extremely well.
This Down Detector map shows where the highest concentration of complaints are in the UK
This Down Detector map shows where the highest concentration of complaints are in the UK
'Today's reported outages on the Virgin Media network are unfortunate, but it is not yet clear as to the exact cause.
'It should be noted that historically Virgin Media is swift to address such problems and users should not expect extended outages or issues.
'In the meantime, during this hiccup, it is worth remembering that most households will still have connection to the internet via their mobile phones.
'Those wishing to connect other devices can use their mobile as a WIFI hotspot.
'If your intention is video streaming or another data-intensive activity, however, users should be aware that it is possible to quickly hit their mobile contract data limit, unless of course it is unlimited.'
On June 25, Virgin Media broadband went down for more than six hours in London.
Enraged customers took to social media to vent their frustration, saying they had lessons to teach, digital courts to attend, exams to do, and Zoom meetings scheduled. 
Internet connection issues were first reported at 9.30am in London, with users also reporting outages in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and other areas, according to the website
A Virgin Media spokesman added: 'Virgin Media’s network has performed well during lockdown, capacity and demand has not been an issue at all.'
He added that most of the incidents reported were small and unrelated and therefore did not reflect the 'reality' of the situation. 
Earlier this month, Ofcom, which regulates the UK's communications industry, said it had been in contact with Virgin to establish the cause of the problem, and was working with them to 'ensure customers can access web services as soon as possible'. 

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