Republicans, Liz Cheney Is Our Best Hope

I know. But she’s smart, and when it comes to learning about political knife-fighting, it sure can’t hurt to have grown up in Dick Cheney’s house.
Appearing on the backend of the album, “Mad Woman” is broadly about gaslighting and men weaponizing the word “crazy” to dismiss women. “Every time you call me crazy, I get more crazy. What about that?” she asks in the pre-chorus. Though it is far more subtle in its indictment of Braun than February’s music video for “The Man” (which featured Swift in drag literally pissing on a wall plastered with her album titles), the song offers a more emotional glimpse into the role sexism has played in the narrative of Swift’s fight for the rights to her own music. '

However, fans of petty Taylor need not fear. Swift made sure to throw in a couple of references to Braun’s wife and yacht, proving that though she is telling other people’s stories for now, and doing a damn good job at it, she is still pop music’s reigning queen of shade.   

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