Moment furious landowner confronts 'fly-tipper' who 'dumped table and desk outside her gate' and forces her to take her rubbish away again

  • Video shows a woman being accused of leaving furniture by the side of the road
  • She's told: 'People like you do this then innocent people have to pay...disgusting'
  • Fly-tipping is illegal and could result in a fine of up to £50,000 or a year in prison
  • Do YOU know anyone involved? Email
This is the moment a furious landowner confronts an alleged fly-tipper and forces her to put the rubbish back in her car and take it away.
Social media footage shows a woman picking up a table and desk which was left by the side of a road in Enfield, north London, and putting it in her boot.
Another woman, who is recording the incident, accuses her of fly-tipping, which is illegal and could result in a fine up to £50,000 or a year in prison.
An ugly verbal confrontation breaks out between the two and the woman filming it vows to shame the alleged fly tipper on social media.
The accused woman notices she is being filmed and asks: 'Do you have to do this?'
The landowner replies: 'Yes I absolutely do have to. It's people like you that do this and then innocent people have to pay your costs, yes? Disgusting.'
A man then adds: 'Are you having a f***ing laugh? You're tipping this outside my gate.'
The argument rages on as the woman continues to pack away the items into her car. The man then tells the woman filming to take note of the vehicle's number plate.
When the apparent fly-tipper refuses to give her name, the woman filming tells her she will 'name and shame' her on Facebook.
The coronavirus crisis caused its own fly-tipping pandemic and rural areas have been hit particularly hard.
In some places, The Countryside Alliance reported a staggering 300 per cent increase.
In London, there are boroughs where the problem has doubled while, nationally, the rise in fly-tipping is put at 76 per cent.
The problem was triggered when most local authorities closed tips and recycling centres to allay social distancing concerns and allow council staff to focus on bin collections.
At the same time, charity shops closed just as the nation was ordered to stay at home on March 31.
The woman is seen putting furniture from the side of the road into the boot of her car
After noticing she is being filmed she asks: 'Do you have to do this?'
The woman is seen putting furniture from the side of the road into the boot of her car, pictured left, and, pictured right, asks the person filming 'Do you have to do this?'
And with time on their hands, millions embarked on long-postponed house or garden DIY projects, or decided to clear out their attics, garages, sheds and wardrobes.
This created huge amounts of rubbish and many people ignored instructions to store their waste until restrictions were lifted, choosing instead to dump it.
It saw unlicensed refuse collectors have thrived, picking up waste for cash, then fly-tipping instead of disposing of it properly.
Others have filled their car boots and dumped unwanted items wherever they thought they could get away with it — or even taken their rubbish on family outings.
Among those to have suffered most are farmers, in part, because they are responsible for removing any waste dumped on their land.
But also because farm animals are naturally curious and can easily choke on, be poisoned by, or get entangled in dumped items.
One fly-tipping dumping ground in Wales had so much rubbish it could be seen from space.
And hundreds of car tyres, piles of clothes, suitcases and doors were scattered across a disused road off the M4 in Newport, South Wales.
Martin Montague, from, a fly-tipping reporting website, said earlier this month: 'People have been combining exercise with fly-tipping.
'When some people go out of towns and cities to walk in the countryside, they are loading their cars up with stuff and dumping it while they are out.'
Tips reopened on May 2 amid incredible scenes of people queuing down the road to dump their junk from as early as 7.30am.

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