Crowd Taunts Police and K9 Officer, Pooch Gets Revenge by Biting a Protester Right in the Butt

So-called “peaceful protesters” taunted police and their K9 officers in some strange “support” of Mr. George Floyd.
The group chanted “f*ck the police” and got very close to the officer and dog, gyrating and “dancing” like idiots.
Clearly, these people do not like police officers, but I just don’t understand how this rude and nasty form of “protesting” helps their cause.
I’m not sure what the end game is here.
And let me tell you, one thing that will quickly piss off Americans is when you do that stuff to dogs, especially brave canine officers.
Well, the rude protesters found that out the hard and painful way, when one of the dogs decided to get some revenge on the rude group by biting a protester right in the butt.
Did you see how that dog held on? For dear life, that pooch wasn’t messing around.
And also, did you also catch the lady at the end saying, “f*ck that dog.”
Yeah, because the dog is the one with the bad attitude.
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