\Flamboyance, excess, eccentricity – this is the breakthrough album that asserted Bowie as glam rock’s new icon, surpassing T Rex. He may have come to rue his Ziggy Stardust character, but with it, Bowie transcended artists seeking authenticity via more mundane means. It was his most ambitious album – musically and thematically – that,  that, like Prince, saw him unite his greatest strengths from previous works and pull off one of the great rock and roll albums without losing his sense of humour, or the wish to continue entertaining his fans. “I’m out to bloody entertain, not just get up onstage and knock out a few songs,” he declared. “I’m the last person to pretend I’m a radio. I’d rather go out and be a colour television set.” Unknown Pleasures (1979), Joy Division
Illmatic (1994), Nas
Sign o’ the Times (1987), Prince
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Boy in da Corner (2003), Dizzee Rascal
Hounds of Love (1985), Kate Bush
Are You Experienced? (1967), The Jimi Hendrix Experience