Primate Rescue Operation: Mother Saves Baby Monkey Hanging on Electric Wire - Video

Golden monkeys
New Delhi (Sputnik): No matter the species, a mother’s instinct can never be underestimated and a viral video of a primate saving her baby hanging on live wire proves it right.
A video is going viral on social media where a baby monkey can be seen struggling between handing an electric cable, unable to figure out a way to reach the roof safely. In the meanwhile, three other monkeys including its mother is trying to find a way to save the baby.
After a few minutes of giving it a thought, she springs into action. She jumps off to the wires from the ledge, in order to give baby the idea to jump. When this attempt doesn't achieve the desired result, she again takes a leap, grabs her offspring and jumps back over the roof in a few seconds.  

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