Lockdown walkies! Nika the husky is taken for a walk by DRONE as owner takes social distancing to a new level

  • Nika is taken for a walk in Madison, Wisconsin, with a drone during lockdown  
  • Owners, Kaitlin and Jonathan, were able to walk Nika and keep social distance
  • Nika is the oldest, nine years old, of a pair with younger Kira, seven years old 
A husky's owner used a drone to walk her and keep social distance during the coronavirus lockdown. 
Nika, a nine-year-old husky from Madison, Wisconsin, was able to get her daily walk with a drone while her owners, Kaitlin and Jonathan, maintained social distance. 
The husky's lead is hooked to the drone that hovers behind her.  
Nika slowly realises it is time for a walk when the buzzing drone starts moving her forward. 
Nika was a bit wary of being walked by the drone at firstEventually Nika got used to the drone and walked down the street looking at everything around her
She casually saunters down the street looking at everything around her. 
She speeds up a bit towards the end of the video looking very comfortable and paying no attention to the drone. 
Nika is one of two huskies with a younger sister Kira who is two years younger than her.  
Kaitlin, Jonathan and their three dogs taking part in the #FrontStepsProject and photograph how they are coping in lockdown

The video was posted on Nika and Kira's own instagram account, with over 200,000 followers, with the caption: 'Social distance dog walking: drone edition! Genius, lazy, or a little bit crazy?'
The pair's followers loved the idea to use a drone and were very impressed at Nika's cooperation. 
One person said: 'Such a good pup! 
'I think mine wouldn't like the noise hahaha.' 
Another follower said Nika's owners were geniuses for thinking of the drone. 
Kaitlin told dog blog Boots and Arrow: 'Nika is such a loving and caring dog.'
'She doesn't take life too seriously and doesn't always follow instructions.
'The best part about being a Husky parent is the reward from coming home from a bad day at work and seeing their fluffy tail wagging, their wooo wooos of joy, and their excitement to see you.'  

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