Japan’s Abe to Declare Nationwide State of Emergency

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to expand a state of emergency to the whole country, his economy minister said Thursday, after the death toll from the new coronavirus rose at a faster pace.

Mr. Abe declared a state of emergency in the Tokyo region and two other urban areas on April 7. Under Japanese law, the state of emergency doesn’t force any businesses to close, but many have done so voluntarily, and major companies have instituted work-from-home policies.
The ruling and opposition parties are meeting later in the day at the Diet to hear from the government about its plan to expand the scope of the emergency.
The government had been considering expanding of the state of emergency, currently covering Tokyo, Osaka and five prefectures, to Kyoto, Aichi and Hokkaido. But given the rises in infections in other parts of Japan, it is now leaning toward a nationwide move.

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