20 Emotional Photos of Soldiers and Their Pets in War

These emotional moments between soldiers and their pets at the frontline were captured and forever immortalized in these incredible war photos.
1968: A soldier of the U.S. Seventh Marines carries a rescued puppy in his pocket, Da Nang, VietnamPets-in-War-1
1945: A soldier sleeps with his dog, OkinawaPets-in-War-2
1945: A tiny puppy sleeps comfortably between resting Russian soldiersPets-in-War-3
1943: An American soldier gives this puppy a bath, TunisiaPets-in-War-4
1942: An American soldier plays with a joeyPets-in-War-5
Captain D.Michelson with a turtlePets-in-War-6
1944: Dog gives this Marine soldier in a foxhole a sloppy kiss, SaipanPets-in-War-7
Donkey rides on the back of a WWII soldierPets-in-War-8
Finnish soldier plays with kittensPets-in-War-9
1915: German soldier feeding a puppyPets-in-War-10
German soldier with a messenger dog, WWIIPets-in-War-11
Soldier pets a kitten at the frontlinesPets-in-War-12
Soldier feeding kittenPets-in-War-13
1944: Soldier shares a banana with a goat during the battle of SaipanPets-in-War-14
Vietnam War soldier and his dogPets-in-War-15
Dog watching over a sleeping soldier WWIIPets-in-War-16
1944: Wounded soldier on the Allied beachhead in France awaits to be transported to a hospital in England with a stray dogPets-in-War-17
Young soldier playing with a little pig in London during World War IIPets-in-War-18
February 1918: A Canadian soldier giving his dog a bathPets-in-War-19
1968: A soldier coping with his dog during the Battle of Khe SahnPets-in-War-20

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