20 Underwater Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Underwater Photos Whale Shark

Hold your breath and dive under water to see the world in a whole new light. Whether it’s images of dogs fetching balls or high fashion models holding poses next to whale sharks, modern photographers continue to snap stunning and unique underwater images that deserve to be ogled. Let’s start with some of the coolest underwater photos you’ve ever seen:

Underwater Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Zena Holloway

Girl Falling In The Water

Nadia Moro Underwater

Colorful Girl Underwater

Underwater Photos Model

While photographer Louis Boutan captured the first clear underwater photo in 1893, it wasn’t until decades later that aquatic cameras were introduced to the general public. Today, GoPros, digital cameras and even some smartphones (with the correct cases) allow people from all walks of life to be underwater photographers. The following images are some of the most spectacular (and imaginative) photos of animals underwater.


Underwater Photos Dog


Sea Turtle

White Tiger

Underwater Photos Of A Polar Bear

Underwater Photos Jellyfish

Although underwater cameras have been used to capture stunning images that wow and excite, this technological advancement has also allowed scientists to better understand the ocean and the creatures that live within it.

Using underwater cameras, scientists are able to collect photos and videos of creatures previously unobserved for study. Here are some of the most beautiful images of fish and underwater landscapes:

Clown Fish

Great Barrier Reef

Alexander Semenov Photography

Underwater Photos Feeding On School

Barrier Reef

Water Droplet

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