Adam Rippon regrets eating too much free McDonalds at the Olympics

Adam Rippon became such a big star at these Olympics that media outlets looked for literally any angle on the American figure skater. The bounty ranged from Sally Field hoping Rippon would date her son to a New York Times article about how the 28-year-old maintains his washboard abs.
But as Rippon prepares to head home from PyeongChang, here’s one more trivial bit that might have Rippon searching out that NYT article so he can regain his previous figure.
Rippon tweeted on Sunday that he’s been eating too much McDonalds.
File this one under #OlympianProblems.We know from Rippon’s creation myth that he’s more of an In-n-Out guy, but you can barely find those outside of southern California, let alone in Asia. The free McDonalds in the Olympic Village has always been a popular destination for Olympians, particularly those who are done competing and free from dietary restrictions. Figure skater Bradie Tennell told the media she was jonesing for a McFlurryso did gold medal-winning curler Matt Hamilton. (“They only have Oreo,” Hamilton said when asked which kind he’d order.)
Rippon, though, seems to have taken full advantage of the fast-food giant, though we’re guessing it’s nothing a potential run on Dancing with the Stars couldn’t take care of.
As for McDonalds, RIppon should take advantage while he can. Not only might this be his only trip to the Olympics, but McDonalds won’t be there if he makes it back. The company pulled out of its sponsorship with the IOC — seen an ad for Mickey D’s during the Olympics? — and won’t have its restaurant in the Athletes Village when the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo roll around.

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