Ridiculously revealing slit highlighted this model's cellulite on the red carpet

Iskra Lawrence made a point to reveal her cellulite on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. (Photo: Getty Images)
Model Iskra Lawrence proudly showed off her cellulite in a side-splitting gown that “lit up” the red carpet.
The size-12 British model attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles wearing a long, black, asymmetrical dress with a waist-high slit that revealed a flash of hip and thigh.
Lawrence, 27, posted photos of the look on Twitter and Instagram on Monday, writing, “Cell-U-lit up the red carpet.”
Over the summer, she posted an Instagram video of herself dancing on a Santa Monica beach with the caption, “Sorry, not sorry … I don’t play. I said I don’t retouch or Photoshop the pics I post of me years ago. And I’m a woman of my word. So you can talk about something else now, pretty sure there’s MUCH more important things to talk about.”
Lawrence continued: “If we stopped picking each other’s bodies apart we wouldn’t have so many body-image issues. And I’ll stay out here feelin’ like a 10 no matter what anyone says.”
The model also expressed approval for photos that aren’t retouched, writing on a photo snapped that day, “Grateful I don’t hate my legs anymore, grateful I see their strength and appreciate my body’s capabilities. Also, I realize I’m highly privileged but damn I love seeing pap pics that aren’t retouched and some of those [tiger] stripes. Because I don’t believe anyone needs retouching — why I don’t ever Photoshop my own pics.”
In addition, Lawrence has strong feelings about the word label “plus-size model.” In December 2017, when the Independent ran the headline “Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence is the picture of body confidence as she hits the beach in Miami,” the model did a quick edit for her Twitter followers, retweeting the headline while omitting the term “plus-size.”

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