'I f***ing hate you': National champ Mattie Larson reveals Larry Nassar assaulted her in FRONT of USA Gymnastics rep and says she quit after giving herself a concussion to avoid pedophile doctor's abuse

  • Mattie Larson, 25, revealed that she was one of the victims who was sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar in court on Tuesday
  • 'Larry, I can't even put into words how much I f***ing hate you,' said Larson, who was the national champ on floor exercise back in 2010 
  • She walked away from the sport at that time, finding it too difficult to go on given Nassar's assaults and her treatment by the Karolyis and Nastia Liukin's dad Valeri
  • Before that time, Larson tried to give herself a concussion to avoid having to attend the Karolyis' camp in Texas
  • 'I was taking a bath when I decided to splash water on the floor and bang my head as hard as I could on the tub so it looked like I slipped,' said Larson
  • Larson is one of the 150 individuals who have now given impact statements in court, and just three more remain 
  • 'You are a true role model and that is far more valuable than any medal you could ever win,' wrote Aly Raisman in  a message to Larson after her statement 

  • One of the best American gymnasts of the past decade has revealed that she walked away from the sport as a result of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse.
    Mattie Larson unleashed on the pedophile doctor in court on Tuesday, recalling the horrific assaults she was forced to endure starting at the age of 14 while she attended the Karolyi Ranch in Texas to train at the national camp.
    She also revealed that a USA Gymnastics representative was in the room while she was assaulted by Nassar, before calling out Martha and Bella Karolyi alone with Nastia Liukin's father Valeri for allegedly fostering an atmosphere that allowed Nassar to thrive.
    It all became too much for Larson, who revealed she stepped away from the sport in 2010 shortly after trying to give herself a concussion by purposely falling on the bathroom floor in a bid to skip training at the national camp. 
    Soon after she walked away from the sport at the age of 18, despite having just won the national title in floor exercise and earning second in the world at that apparatus.
    Larson is one of the 150 individuals who have now given impact statements in court, and just three more remain.Those three victims will speak Wednesday morning, and then Judge Rosemarie Aquilina will sentence Nassar.
    He is facing just seven counts of criminal sexual conduct as part of his plea deal, but Judge Aqiuilina has assured multiple victims this week that he will never again be a free man.Larry, I trusted you, I believed you were a kind person,' said Larson.
    'Your kindness was simply a ploy to molest me every chance you got.'
    Larson then looked right at her abuser and said: 'Larry, I can't even put into words how much I f***ing hate you.'
    'Larry, my coaches, and USAG, turned the sport I loved into my personal living hell,' said an emotional Larson. 
    She then talked about first attending the national camp in Texas, where at the age of 10 she would call her parents sobbing to come home.
    'I dreaded having to go back every single time for the next 9 years,' said Larson, whose experience only got worse at 14 when she began being abused by Nassar.That abuse continued until she left the sport, and occurred every time she saw the pedophile doctor. 
    The Karolyi Ranch was 'a perfect environment for abusers and molesters to thrive' said Larson, who noted that there were no hospitals nearby and cell phone reception was non-existent.
    There was a maximum security prison, but that was 30 miles away from the gym.Larson said that when she dislocated both ankles Nassar did not wrap them, but instead assaulted her while her friends watched TV oblivious to what was going on behind them.
    'No matter what Larry was supposed to be treating on me - usually ankles or knees --his fingers always seemed to find their way inside me,' said Larson. 
    She then named Debbie Van Horn as the individual who was present for her assaults by Nassar.
    It became clear to Larson that there was only one way out at that point.
    'I was taking a bath when I decided to splash water on the floor and bang my head as hard as I could on the tub so it looked like I slipped,' she told the court. 
    'I was willing to physically hurt myself to get out of the abuse that I received at the ranch.'
    It worked, and when she returned, Martha Karolyi mocked her for being unable to overcome her injury.
    'You know, Kim Zmeskal fell out of the bunk and still came to practice the next day,' said Martha, who then ignored her for the entire camp. 
    'I eventually spiralled into a very intense and destructive eating disorder for six years,' revealed Larson. 
    'I took anywhere from 5 to 15 laxatives without missing a single day for those six years, thinking that was the only way to stay skinny enough and therefore be liked by my coaches and the national team staff.'Larson had a question for her former coach on Tuesday, asking: 'Martha, did you keep Larry around because he was a good doctor? Or did you keep him around because you knew he'd let us compete while injured and keep your secrets?'
    Valeri Liukin was also part of this mistreatment, said Larson, who stated: 'I had never felt so small and disposable in my life.'
    She described a similar treatment in 2010 when she failed to execute a routine, one of her last before leaving the sport.
    That earned the USA silver at the world championship. 
    Larson did eventually come back but to compete at the college level, attending UCLA.
    That lasted for a year before she had to stop and drop out of school. Soon after she had finished her victim impact statement, both Aly Raisman and her mother Lynn posted messages of support.
    'Mattie Larson you are a role model. I applaud and support you. But please NEVER say again you cost the team anything,' wrote Lynn.
    'Never say it to yourself and never let anyone tell you that ever. The 2010 team rallied from a third place qualifying round finish to WIN the SILVER medal.' 
    Aly meanwhile said that she had a flub on balance beam that cost the team far more than the points Larson cost the team.
    'You inspired me and you still do to this day. And I know so many others are inspired by your iconic floor routines and your bravery in speaking out,' wrote Aly.
    'You are a true role model and that is far more valuable than any medal you could ever win.' 
    Larson has also been working behind the scenes to foster change in the sport, and working with Congress to pass a law that would require all amateur sport organizations to immediately pass any reports of sexual misconduct on to law enforcement.
    It passed through the Senate in November, but has yet to be voted on in the House. 
    'Today I call on Speaker Paul Ryan to schedule this for a vote immediately,' said Larson.
    'It's not only about switching to a better location. We must ensure that ample steps are made to prevent anything of this nature and magnitude from happening again.'USA Gymnastics has not responded to Larson's claims, but did comment on a lawsuit filed last year that makes similar accusations.
    'USA Gymnastics denies the allegations against it in this latest lawsuit. As we have made clear, when USA Gymnastics first learned of athlete concerns regarding Dr. Nassar, we dismissed him from further involvement and reported those concerns to the FBI,' said the organization back in October.
    'Still, the allegations that have been made are troubling. USA Gymnastics is committed to promoting a safe environment for our athletes. Due to the pending litigation and ongoing investigation, however, we are unable to comment further.'
    It looked like an ax splitting a piece of wood. So for over a month I practiced, competed and made it to nationals on a broken leg because Larry Nassar said there was nothing wrong.
    -Isabell Hutchins
    Isabel Hutchins spoke first on Tuesday, bringing along a box of gifts she received from Nassar over the years.
    She brought a long a note too, which Nassar signed by writing 'love you girl' and bandages which were labeled 'Izzy's band-aids for Izzy's boo boos.' 
    And like Larson, Hutchins recalled how at one point Nassar was too busy sexually assaulting her to actually treat her medical condition.
    In that case, it was a broken leg that she was continuing to practice on in the gym. 
    She finally went to see another doctor, and was shocked when she got a look at her X-ray. 
    'It looked like an ax splitting a piece of wood,' said Hutchins.
    'So for over a month I practiced, competed and made it to nationals on a broken leg because Larry Nassar said there was nothing wrong.'
    She then asked: 'Am I still having pain today because my doctor was more concerned with sexually abusing me than he was about my physical health?'
    Then there were Nassar's massages, which she said 'consisted of his bare hands running across my private areas' for his pleasure.
    'You were never a real doctor. You did not heal me. You only hurt me,' said Hutchins.
    When she was finished she took the box of gifts and letters and dumped them in a trash bin located by the podium.
    Just before that however, Judge Aqualina said: 'We all look up to you.' Natalie Woodland said during her statement that she was not certain how many times she had been abused by Nassar, but was certain the number was in the hundreds.
    Those abuses occurred over a four year period starting in 2010, including while he was the subject of a Title IX investigation.
    'He used me as a toy for his own pleasure,' said Woodland, who went on to describe the trauma she now deals with as a result of enduring Nassar's assaults.a
    As for that investigation, Woodland said that nothing changed in the wake of that probe.
    'No new protocols were followed. I was abused again,' said Woodland.
     I reported you to police immediately and had a rape kit done. The police questioned you and you the audacity to tell them I misunderstood the treatment because I was not comfortable with my body.'
    -Brianne Randall 
    She realized that she was a victim after Raisman came forward, becoming aware that these same procedures had been carried out on her by Nassar.
    And so she decided to face her abuser and deliver a message.
    'I refuse to held in bondage by what this man did to me,' said Woodland, who is only 16. 
    Brianne Randall spoke after court broke for lunch, and it was revealed before she began that she was flown in from Seattle by the Meridian Township Police Department. 
    She recently gave birth to a child and had not planned on travelling to Michigan, so Angela Povilaitis from the attorney's general office read her letter in court last week. 
    In that letter she revealed that she went to police after being abused by Nassar in 2004, had a rape kit performed and filed a report, but in the end authorities believed Nassar when he denied her claims and said it was all necessary medical treatment.
    The young woman was then forced to go to the station and meet with Nassar. 
    'I didn’t want to leave my seven-week-old son, but after hearing the words of my sister survivors, I knew I had to come support them,' said an emotional Randall.
    She then recounted her experience in the wake of her assault.
    'I reported you to police immediately and had a rape kit done,' said Randall.
    'The police questioned you and you the audacity to tell them I misunderstood the treatment because I was not comfortable with my body.' 
    She then looked at Naasar and said: 'How dare you? Sadly they took your word instead of mine.' Abigayle Bergeron, like many before her her, said on Tuesday that at first she was afraid to come forward because of the stigma attached to victims of sexual abuse.
    That is not longer the case. 
    Bergeron was accompanied by her father, who was just as emotional as his daughter while she spoke on the stand.
    She later revealed the reason for that when she told the court her dad was a detective, and had been there when one of the assault took place. 
    Her mother was also present for an assault, with both parents like the many that have come before them completely oblivious to the doctor's predatory practices. 
    'I was a victim of Larry Nassar, but I will not let that define me,' said Bergeron in court on Tuesday.
    'I am strong.' 
    She went on to say that after seeing the other women speaks she realizes they are all in fact 'warriors.'
    Bergeron then informed the court: 'I want to be a warrior that helps put an end to this abuse.' 
    Brooke Hylek was another warrior who came forward on Tuesday.
    'I am not a victim, I am a survivor,' said Hylek, the 21st person to speak in court.
    'I am a strong woman and I am still a gymnast and I'm going to be a collegiate gymnast. I will never let this break me. I am strong.'
    She then dismissed the notion that Nassar was ever a friend to these young girls, before going after him for the heart condition he has noted multiple times since being incarcerated for his offenses.
    'Oh, and your heart condition? First of all, you have to have a heart to have one. You don't have a heart,' Hylek informed the pedophile. 
    She spoke of having to wear the loose baggy shorts like other girls, and Nassar's request that she inform him when she started to menstruate so he could stop doing his 'procedure' on her body. 
    And if she forgot her requested attire, 'he would give me his daughter's shorts to wear' said Hylek.
    After facing down her accuser she headed back to her seat, but not without one final remark.  
    'Enjoy hell, by the way,' said Hylek.
    'He would get lubricant and spread it all over my legs,' said Emily Morales while speaking about her abuse on Tuesday.
    It was not the first time her statement had been heard by the court, with the young woman deciding to appear one day after she had her mother read her remarks in front of Nassar to keep her identity private. 
    On Monday, her mother watched as Nassar was brought to tears as she read and said: 'You damn well should cry, because you broke my daughter's heart in a million pieces.' 
    Morales spoke about not realizing she was being sexually assaulted at the time, assuming that the doctor was indeed performing medical procedures on her as a result of her young age. 
    'He took away my innocence and that is something I will never be able to get back,' Morales said while wiping tears away from her face.
    Then, as her statement drew to a close, she gathered herself and made a demand of Nassar. 
    'I want you to apologize to me right here. I want to hear you apologize to me,' said Morales to Nassar as he wiped tears from his face.
    Nassar then appeared to mouth the word 'sorry' to the victim.


    1986: Larry Nassar joins USA Gymnastics as an athletic trainer for the national team a year after graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in kinesiology.
    1993: Nassar completes his mater's program and is awarded an osteopathic medical degree from Michigan State University
    1994: Nassar begins sexually abusing Jamie Dantzscher according to a 2016 lawsuit filed by the gymnast, who is the first member of a national team to publicly accuse Nassar. Dantzscher claims that the abuse lasted up until the Sydney Games in 2000, where the team won Bronze in the all-around event.
    1996: Nassar is promoted by USA Gymnastics, and appointed to the role of national medical coordinator. In that capacity he travels to his first Olympic Games in Atlanta, where the women's team wins Gold.
    Nassar begins working at the newly opened Twistars USA Gymnastics Club thanks to his close relationship with owners John and Kathryn Geddert.
    1997: In the wake of the Olympics, Nassar accepts two team physician positions, one at Holt High School and one at Michigan State.
    A parent alerts John Geddert to Nassar's questionable techniques according to a 2017 lawsuit, but Geddert does not alert authorities or any of Nassar's employers to these concerns.
    1998: Nassar begins to sexually abuse the daughter of a family friend by penetrating her vagina with his fingers every other week. This lasts for five years says the girl in court filings, beginning when she is just 6.
    A student at Michigan State alerts trainers and coaches in the athletic department to questionable practices being carried out by Nassar, but no action is taken according to a court complaint. 
    2000: A second student reached out to members of the athletic department to voice their concern about Nassar but nothing is done according to a 2017 lawsuit.
    Nassar travels to Sydney with the US Olympic team.
    Nassar begins to sexually abuse Rachael Denhollander, who tells police that she was just 15 when the doctor began to molest her while claiming to be treating her lower back pain. Fifteen years later, she is the first woman to file a criminal complaint.
    2004: One of Nassar's victims, who he has now confessed to molesting, tells her parents that the doctor has been abusing her while she receives treatments. They do not report this to authorities.
    Nassar travels to Athens with the national team for the Olympics. 
    Nassar receives images of child pornography online according to federal charging documents.
    2008: Nassar attends the Beijing Olympics with the national team. 
    2010: Nassar begins treating two-time Olympian Aly Raisman, who reveals in her memoir Fierce that she was sexually abused by the doctor for the final five years of his career.
    2011: Nassar gives McKayla Maroney a sleeping pill and she awakes to find herself being sexually assaulted by him in a Tokyo hotel rooms she claims in a public statement.
    2012: Nassar sexually assaults Maroney while she is in London at the Olympic Games. Maroney says she was assaulted the night before the team wins Gold in the all around and the night before she won Silver on vault.
    2014: Nassar is cleared of any wrongdoing by Michigan State after an investigation into claims that he sexually assaulted a woman while she received treatment. 
    Nassar announced on Facebook he will be stepping down as national medical coordinator but continue to work with the women's team through the 2016 Rio Games.
    2015: A conversation between Rasiman and Maggie Nichols about Nassar's techniques is overheard by a coach at the national training facility, who alerts USA Gymnastics. 
    Nassar suddenly announced his retirement from USA Gymnastics in a post on Facebook.
    SEPTEMBER 2016: Michigan State fires Nassar one years after the first criminal complaint is filed against the doctor by Hollander.
    OCTOBER 2016: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette declares that his office will be looking into allegations made against Nassar and is working with Michigan State. 
    NOVEMBER 2016: Nassar is officially charged with three counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13 following the attorney general office's initial investigation. He enters a plea of not guilty and is released after posting $1 million bail.
    DECEMBER 2016: Nassar is indicted on federal charges after over 37,000 images and videos of child pornography are found on his hard drives. He is denied bond.
    JANUARY 2017: Nassar, MSU, USA Gymnastics and Twistars Gymnastics club are sued by 18 victims who allege that they endured sexual assault, battery, molestation and harassment between 1996 and 2016 while nothing was done to help them despite other victims speaking out.
    FEBRUARY 2017: Nassar is ordered to stand trial in Ingham County on the three charges filed by the district attorney's office after a judge rules there is enough evidence to proceed in the case. 
    JUNE 2017: An Ingham County judge rules that there is also enough evidence for Nassar to stand trial on 12 criminal counts of first–degree sexual conduct.
     JULY 2017: Nassar enters a guilty plea to three child pornography charges.
    OCTOBER 2017: Maroney reveals she is one of Nassar's victims. 
    NOVEMBER 2017: Raisman reveals she is one of Nassar's victims. Nassar enters a guilty plea to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Ingham County Circuit Court.
    DECEMBER 2017: Gabby Douglas reveals she is one of Nassar's victims. Nassar is sentenced to 60 years in prison on federal charges, a sentence he is currently appealing.
    JANUARY 2017: Simone Biles reveals she is one of Nassar's victims. 

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