Turn your body into a BOAT! The amazing inflatable 'suit' that allows users to be pulled along at incredible speeds .

  • Sumo Tube suit is an inflatable shirt that swimmers can wear while in water
  • They can grab on to a handle attached to a boat and be pulled along at speed
  •  A clip of the suit shows one man being dragged along and rolling 360 degrees

  • Have you ever wanted to turn your body into a boat?
    It's probably not a question you get asked too often, but engineers of inflatable technology clearly decided that enough people would answer yes to warrant the building of something that transforms beach-goers into high-speed vessels that can bounce across the waves.
    Behold the Sumo Tube, which is a sort of inflatable shirt that swimmers can wear for all manner of sea-going fun, including being pulled along by a speedboat.

    The Sumo Tube suit in action, with a wearer being dragged along by a speedboat

    Meanwhile other wearers use it to surf.
    The inflatable is made by US-based company Sportsstuff, which says it is the only tow-able item you can wear.
    Its website says: 'Take it to the beach for the ultimate body surfing experience.'

    Image result for sportsstuff sumo towable tube & sumo splash guard combo - 53-1807

    Water great idea: Other wearers use it as an alternative to a surfboard

    Image result for inflatable body surfing suit

    The inflatable is made by US-based company Sportsstuff , which says it is the only tow-able item you can wear 
    However, the suit might not be for those who are scared of water or brand new to tubing.
    One review on the site said: 'This is extreme tubing at its best.'
    While another added: 'This tube is not for beginners or small children, unless they are dare-devils.
    'This is extreme tubing. Very extreme. However you will have a blast if you are up for it.' 

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