The website that busted Weinstein and Lauer years ago: How Crazy Days And Nights and its mysterious lawyer founder became a Hollywood gossip bible and claims that Tinseltown has covered up abuse for decades

  • Man known only as Enty Lawyer runs blog exposing the darker side of Hollywood
  • He began blog in 2006 and it now receives millions of views every month
  • It ran pieces on Weinstein, Spacey and Lauer years before mainstream press
  • Lawyer says Tinseltown has been filled with men like Weinstein 'since the dawn of time' and their abuse was covered up with the help of reporters 

  • As more and more famous figures are cast from the limelight over allegations of sex assault, it has left many people wondering who might be next.
    But not so for readers of gossip blog Crazy Days And Nights who have often been informed of such scandals years before they hit the press.
    The site, and its anonymous attorney founder 'Enty Lawyer', penned pieces on Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer well before the mainstream media.

    Crazy Days And Nights is run by a shadowy figure known only as Enty Lawyer who claims to be a '300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times'

    Enty Lawyer specializes in publishing celebrity gossip and exposing Hollywood scandals, often beating more mainstream outlets to the punch by years

    And now he has spoken out to say that men like Weinstein have frequented Hollywood since its inception and that their abuse was covered up with the help of journalists.
    Speaking to the Daily Beast, he confirmed that gossip columnists were either paid not to report on scandals or else 'sued into oblivion' for trying to report them.
    Still more reporters engaged in 'access journalism' and were beholden to their celebrity contacts for interviews, robbing them of the ability to criticize Tinseltown effectively, he said. 

    Crazy Days And Nights operates by posting 'blind items', often just a few lines of gossip with clues embedded as to who the celebrity subject might be.
    It is then up to the readers, who Enty Lawyer described in a Vanity Fair interview in 2016 as 'exceptionally smart', to deduce who might be involved.
    But unlike most blind item sites, Crazy Days often reveals the names behind the gossip, though Enty Lawyer says he only does this when he is '100 per cent sure' about a particular rumor.
    'Those are stories that either I've personally encountered, or somebody is an amazing source, or one of my friends, or somebody where I know exactly where they work, or what they would have seen. 

    Last year the site referred to a scandal involving Weinstein, saying he threatened to ruin an actress's career for exposing him. In 2012 he referred to the 'shady reputation' of Kevin Spacey

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    In 2014, Matt Lauer was described as 'rarely sleeping at home at night any longer' and 'hooking up with a woman how used to be an employee'

    'In that situation, I go ahead and reveal it. Have I ever been wrong? Yeah, I've been wrong about things before. I just try to keep my wrongs minimized as much as I can,' he said.
    For example, in 2012 a piece was uploaded about Kevin Spacey which reads: 'This A+ list movie actor has always had a bit of a shady reputation behind the scenes.' 
    In 2014, Matt Lauer was described as: 'A television talk show host who likes to show the world that he has the perfect marriage and life but rarely sleeps at home at night any longer and has quietly been hooking up with a woman who used to be an employee.'
    On Weinstein, Crazy Days wrote about a female celebrity in 2016, saying: 'Her career could have crashed and burned when she refused the legendary advances of this producer/mogul. 
    'He threatened to destroy her career but she found a mentor who actually is not afraid to go to war with the mogul and the mogul backed down.'
    It is tidbits like this that has seen Enty's audience swell into the millions since he started the blog in 2006 - writing at the time that his aim was to expose a side of Hollywood 'that is not usually talked about' but 'would be interesting for everyone'.
    Addressing the slew of current scandals, Enty said he welcomed the fact that celebrities were being exposed.
    'I think many of these celebrities assume rightfully that they were able to get away with something because they were rich or famous or powerful,' he said.
    'For a long time, it's been happening, and now people want justice. Finally, people are getting what they deserve.'

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