Swat Caller in Call of Duty Death Incident Claims It's Not His Fault Someone Died

Tyler Barriss, the man who allegedly made the "swatting" call which led to an innocent man's death following a dispute over a Call of Dutywager match, has stated that he doesn't believe that he's responsible for the death. In an interview (via The Wichita Eagle), Barris admitted that he was involved, but said that there are many people who could be blamed.

“It’s my personal belief that I didn’t cause someone to die,” Barriss said. “Of course I was involved. The call was made by me, but as far as the whole incident, you could point the finger at a few different people. You could point the finger at the cop that shot him, you could point the finger at the guy who made the call. You could point the finger at the person that gave the address.”Barriss has no apparent remorse or sense of responsibility. In fact, the night the news of the victim's death started circulating, it's reported that, through his Twitter handle (@SWAuTistic), Barriss said, "The kids house that I swatted is on the news." You can tell from his account name that this isn't his first swat call. Barriss has made similar calls in the past, which he was more than happy to boast about during his interview.
Barriss said that he usually just tries to evacuate buildings for fun -- to try to get on TV. “I know the police aren’t going to catch me for doing that,” he said. This time, though, Barriss was happy to get another human being involved. “I was minding my own business at the library and someone contacted me and said, ‘Hey dude, this (expletive) just gave me an address and he thinks nothing is going to happen, do you want to prove him wrong?’ And I said, ‘Sure, I love swatting kids who think nothing is going to happen.’”The report goes on to state that Barriss has been in trouble with the law multiple times for making bomb threats. Interestingly, it also states that despite being sentenced to prison multiple times, it's unclear how much of his sentence he ever served. Judging by his tone, it's apparent that Barriss believes himself to be quite beside (if not above) the law in his exploits. We'll find out very soon if that's true or not.

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