Death threat sent to Amir Khan for 'betraying' Islam after posting a photo of a Christmas tree in his home to his 1.2m Instagram followers.

  • British boxer, who is a practising Muslim, posted photo of his Christmas tree
  • But the image was met by a backlash of abuse with some threatening death
  • Others defended the boxer, insisting he was only making his daughter happy
  • Khan has said he wants to show there are many 'good' Muslims in the world

  • Amir Khan was bombarded by threats and trolling messages after he posted a picture of his Christmas  tree online.
    The former boxer, who is a practising Muslim, posted a photo of the tree on yesterday night, saying his three-year-old daughter would like it when she woke up.
    He posted: 'While everyone's asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah's going to be happy.'
    But the post led to a horrific backlash from some his followers, who posted abusive and threatening messages in response.

    One troll wrote: 'You mut be dead and your family will be death i promise and allah must promise i and allah see you and check you your angel death came too see you. [sic]'
    Some accused Khan of 'betraying' Islam, while another told Khan he should 'go to hell' for putting up the tree.
    One man wrote: 'Allah is definitely judging him for that and will surely punish those who imitate the kuffar by celebrating and joining in their pagan... festivals.'

    In an interview last year, Bolton-born Khan said he spends every Friday afternoon at the mosque near his training camp in California.
    He said the mosque was his 'favorite place to go', adding: 'I am not afraid of saying I am a Muslim.
    'I think some people would be scared to say that they are Muslim, especially during the current time, but I am a proud Muslim.
    'There are a lot of good Muslims out there who are against terrorism, who are against, you know, people killing each other.'
    Khan was reportedly allowed separate meals from other contestants on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, to make sure everything he ate was halal.

    Khan with daughter LamaisahKhan, pictured with wife Faryal Makhdoom, is a practicing Muslim and has spoken of his faith
    Khan - pictured with wife Faryal Makhdoom and (right) with daughter Lamaisah - is a practising Muslim and has previously spoken of his faith

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